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There is so much to unpack in episode 3 of The Never Ever Mets. As Sienna and Brendan try to mend their relationship, they both reach out to their friends for some advice.  Things seem to be going well between Gregg and Millie, but all that glitters ain’t gold. The audience is stunned when cast  members spill some behind-the-scenes tea. Whew chile, this is getting good. Get into this recap. 

Impromptu Counseling Session

It appears that Uncle Aaron  has taken on the role of the house therapist. The  51-year-old pulls Brenden and Sienna to the side to see if they can hash out their differences. Sienna says that she doesn’t like when Brendan laughs during their disagreements. Brenden explains that his laughter is a nervous tick.Sienna tried to interject but Uncle Aaron wouldn’t allow it. He handed the couple a guitar pick and told them that they couldn’t speak unless they were holding it. It seemed to work for a short time but Sienna eventually returned to interrupting her man. However, with Uncle Aaaron and Dymond’s help, the couple were able to have a productive conversation where Sienna apologized for calling her guy a bitch. He in turn agreed to work his uncomfortable laughter. They kiss and make up, for now. 

And The Winners Are….

Sienna and Brendan prepare dinner for their housemates. Dymond suggests that they play a game which turns out to be quite messy.

“Which couple is the most dramatic,” she asks. 

Brendan and Sienna get the top vote.  

“Which couple could benefit from couple’s therapy” 

Sienna and Brendan  win again. 

“Which couple is the least compatible?” 

A unanimous vote for Sienna and Brandon.

“Which couple is the most romantic?” 

JoAnna not only votes for Chris and Sandia but she goes on to rave about Chis, referring to him as a good guy. 

Sandia appears to be uncomfortable while Uncle Aaron gives JoAnna the side eye.  In his confessional, Uncle Aaaron says that JoAnna seems to pay more attention to Chris than she does to her own man—he suspects JoAnna has a  crush on Chris. Well, damn. 

Well, This Is Awkward

Later, JoAnna, Nephew Aaron, Chris and Sandia  have cocktails in the kitchen. Chris tells JoAnna that they get along because “they think alike.” JoAnna agrees and talks about the many ways they are on the same page. Their Partners remain silent and visibly uncomfortable.  Later JoAnna’s curt demeanor returns when Nephew Aaron says he wanted to take a sip of her cocktail.  She told her guy he was “acting like a six-year-old.” For asking for a sip of her drink? Well damn.

Visit From The Homies 

Brendan’s friend Matt, pulls up to check on his boy. Brendan tells Matt all about his tumultuous encounter with Sienna. Matt is supportive of his friend but it’s clear that he has his trepidations about this budding relationship.  Sienna’s friend, Gigi, is not happy when Sienna tells her that Brendan discussed their relationship with “another woman.” Sienna failed to mention the other woman was a castmate who witnessed the argument and intervened. She also didn’t mention that she, too, discussed their relationship with Gregg. 

Millie and Gregg

These two appear to be the most unproblematic couple of the bunch. They seem to have fallen into a nice rhythm where their communication is strong and their physical chemistry is undeniable. But when they are in the hot tub together, they kiss —which is common for these two.  Gregg seems to be confused when Millie suddenly pulls away. Later that night, she tells the ladies that Gregg is coming on too strong and she would like more romance before he tries to get her goodies. Gregg seems to believe that Millie is ready to take their relationship to the next level. A simple conversation could resolve this. 

Keep Cameras Out Of The Intimacy Room 

Dymond and Uncle Aaron head over to the intimacy room, a place where couples can go to get some alone time. Dymond says that although she loves to “pleasure” her man, she has made the decision to keep her box to herself until marriage. Uncle Aaron is cool with that, so he gives his lady a foot rub while they gossip about the other couples. They discuss Sienna and Branden’s mess of a relationship. Dymond mentions that she also noticed that JoAnna seems to be attracted to Chris. Talking about other people’s mess seems to be an aphrodisiac for the pair, because Aaron begins  to  suck Dymond’s toes. Aaron tells the audience that he has  a foot fetish. We are not here to kink shame, but did we really have to see it? 

Here We Go Again

Brendan lays on the edge of Sienna’s bed as the pair engage in what appears to be a jovial conversation. But things go left when Sienna tells  Brendan that he embarrassed her on national TV“ by calling her “boring” during their Karma Sutra exercise. Before he could get his apology out, Sienna then asked : 

“What did you tell Millie?  

Brendan explained that he was just talking about their argument. When Sienna asked for details about their conversation, Brendan said that it was a private conversation. Sis didn’t like that answer because she went off. She fired off a barrage of F-bombs, and when Brenden tried to interject  she would not allow him to get a word in edgewise.

“Get your foot off my goddamn bed” she yelled. 

Brendan went downstairs and found Chris who overheard the squabble. Chris advised Brendan to  “dead this” relationship. Maybe Chris should take his own advice and stop playing in Sandia’s face. 

The Never Ever Mets airs Fridays at 8pm EST on OWN and MAX.

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