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Episode 2 of The Never Ever Mets gives a sneak peek into the complicated relationships of online lovers. Some couples grow more intimate while others are ready to call it quits. This week there is a master class in emotional manipulation, some grown and sexy fun, and things go from zero to WTF real quick. Let’s get into it. 


Good Riddance

The episode begins with a continuation of the argument between Dominique and Alexis. We see their physical tussle from another angle and it was clear Dominique was the aggressor. When he pushed her a second time, sis picked up a pot to defend herself. But thankfully, Josh stepped in to protect Alexis from the dangerous male. Dominique tried to justify his abuse by saying he felt disrespected because he is a “man with a dick” and Alexis was a “whole female.” What does that even mean?

 The production crew sent Dominique to a hotel for the night. The police precinct may have been a better place for him. 

The next morning, Dymond and Aaron H. check in on Alexis.  When asked if she would give Dominique another chance, Alexis seemed to be on the fence. Aaron H, the eldest of the cast, stepped into full blown uncle mode.

“Nothing good can come from a man who gets violent with you on the first night,” he said. 

Many of the ladies agreed with Uncle Aaron. They believed that Dominique’s violence was not an isolated incident. 

“If he would do that with the cameras rolling, imagine what he would do in private,” Sienna said. 

The host, Ta’Rhonda, pulled Alexis to the side and showed her a video where Dominique apologized for his behavior. He blamed his aggression on the alcohol and asked for another chance. Babygirl seemed conflicted about giving him another chance, but production made the decision for her. They sent homeboy packing immediately. We love to see it. Alexis had to leave the show for obvious reasons, but we wish her the best. 


Chris and Sandia

Chris says now that the drama is over, he needs to go “tend to his woman.” Is this the same woman that he said was not his girlfriend less than 24 hours ago?  

Sandia tells him that his behavior from last night made her uncomfortable. She asked him why he felt the need to distance himself from her and brag about flirting with other women. Instead of answering the damn question Chris deflected. 

“I don’t want to flirt with anybody here cause I don’t find anyone else here attractive,” he patronized. 

When she asked him why he was pursuing her if he doesn’t trust women. He claimed he was trying to  “build trust” with her.  He hopscotched right over her questions with a heaping helping of word salad that left viewers dizzy. He went on to pat himself on the back for taking her on a helicopter ride. Sandia was either satisfied with his lame explanations or she was exhausted by his mental gymnastics. She agreed to give him another chance—whew chile. 

Kama Sutra, Kinda Awkward

Ta’Rhonda gathers the crew for a Kama Sutra themed game.  The couples received cards that depicted sexual positions that they were asked to emulate. Most of the couples seemed to enjoy themselves as they executed these intimate poses. But the game went from seductive to weird when Aaron J. and  JoAnna performed the wheelbarrow pose. Aaron looked like a deer in headlights and JoAnna looked bored. The host asked her how she felt.

“Ummmm,” she answered. 

Aaron J. said there was a party brewing in his sweatpants but it appears JoAnna has no interest in attending that soiree. Other castmates pointed out their lack of chemistry. The only person that doesn’t seem to notice is Aaron. Read the room, nephew. 

Sienna mounts her man Brendan. When asked how he felt, Brandan gave a peculiar reply. 

“I just feel like I just wanna turn on the TV” 

Say what now? Sienna didn’t take too kindly to his reply. 


Who You Callin’ A Bitch? 

Later, Brendan and Sienna link up for a game of pool. The tension seems to be lingering from earlier in the day. 

“You should move to New York,” she said.

Brendan would prefer to stay in Florida near his two children and up until now, he thought his lady was on the same page. Behind the scenes footage showed Sienna saying that she “most definitely would move” to Florida because she could work from anywhere. So Brendan was surprised when Sienna said she was “not a fan” of Florida. He tells the die-hard New Yorker that she seems to be “inconsistent” and this is when things go left.  Sienna said Brendan was the third person who described her as “inconsistent.”

Apparently this is a trigger word for her because what happened next was mind-blowing. 

“Yo, you’re a bitch,” she said


She then called him inconsistent for having two children with two women.

Wait, didn’t sis know this when she got with him? 

Brendan remains calm but he defends himself, and said his children are 10 years apart. Sienna then called him  “inconsistent” because he chose to leave his first marriage. Brendan explains that he married his ex-wife at 20-years-old after she became pregnant. He tried to do “the right thing” by marrying the mother of his child. Brendan said it was unfair to fault him for something that happened when he was damn-near a teenager. 

Other castmates came to Brendan’s defense and told the hot-tempered lady she was doing way too much.  Gregg pulled Sienna to the side to try to reason with her while Millie checked in on Brendan. Brendan said that if he had to make a decision today, he would end things with Sienna, but he is not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.

Sienna loses it when she comes upstairs and realizes that Brendan was talking to Millie “behind her back.” She was  literally doing the same thing with Gregg a few moments earlier. Just as our collective blood pressure rises, the episode ends. We will resume this foolishness next week.

The Never Ever Mets Airs Fridays at 8PM on OWN and MAX.

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