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OWN Network’s relationship reality show Ready To Love is back and AUNTIES, there’s plenty to talk about.

Season 9 brings us to Ft. Worth, Texas where 20 singles, aged 32-49,  gather in hopes of meeting the love of their life. With the guidance of the show’s host, Nephew Tommy, the singles will date their castmates to see if they are ready to love and make connections.

This season’s cast includes April, a 42-year-old pharmacist; Koshiea, 36, a divorced mom of two and Will, a 32-year-old real estate investor who says he’s a “catch” because he is “chocolate.”

Season 9 brings us some colorful personalities, but we will meet them later. 


The Mixer

The first group of singles mingle over drinks and it’s not long before sparks begin to fly—then quickly fizzle out. Will and Koshiea sit down to see what’s poppin’. Will asks sis why her marriage ended. While married, Koshiea learned her husband had four other children that she was unaware of—four. Will responded with victim-blaming.

“Was the dingalang that good?” he asked. 

There was no love connection with these two. Especially when homeboy implied she was blindsided by bomb ass peen rather than a lying ass husband who cosplayed as a decent human being that wasn’t ready to love.

The ladies meet with Tommy to discuss their prospects. Many of the women were skeptical about the fellas with questionable careers: William, the stand-up comedian/ aspiring gun range owner and DaMonte, the celebrity fashion stylist/ photographer. These gainfully employed ladies voted to put these two men on the chopping block. They ultimately sent DaMonte packing. 

In episode 2, we meet Alonzo, the dreadlocked insurance adjuster who is a self-proclaimed “fun, spontaneous closet-freak.” Alonzo sits down with two statuesque beauties: Patricia and Vanessa who are both 35. When he learns that Vanessa is a flight attendant, he immediately asks for a buddy pass. 

Viewers meet Lamar, 42, who says he is a “coach, DJ and entrepreneur.” He sits down with Patrica and 39- year-old RaSheena. Although Rasheena was initially attracted to Lamar’s beard, he may have ruined his chances with her after he asked the ladies if they would go skinny dipping with him on the first date. It was a resounding hell no for Vanessa. 

“What if the first date was at a nude beach,” he pressed, clearly missing social cues. He later asked Patricia if she was into threesomes.

The handsy DJ goes on a date with April. When she mentioned her doctoral degree, Lamar seemed impressed. But in his confessional, he claimed that he “doesn’t care about her degrees” although his demeanor says the opposite. 

He became visibly uncomfortable when April proceeded to fire off a barrage of questions about his dating history and refused to answer.

The fellas weren’t feeling April’s assertiveness and Lamar’s obsession with sexy time didn’t sit right with the ladies. They both were amongst the first group of contestants to be eliminated.

Try Jesus, Not Koshiea

Koshiea goes on a date with Alzono. Sis mentions their previous phone conversation where he asks her if she wanted to be “choked or spanked.” Koshiea told him that he crossed the line with that question and the gaslighting began. Instead of apologizing, brotherman said his question didn’t have a sexual connotation. Alonzo had the audacity to call her “immature” for assuming that it was sexual. He then tried to flip the script by saying that she should have given him the “respect” of asking what he meant. Instead of allowing him to continue to play in her face, sis got up abruptly and walked out. Good for her.


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The Girlies Are Fighting 

It’s the ladies’ turn to eliminate a man from the show. The women tell Tommy about some of the men’s inappropriate behavior. 32-year-old Alexis came to the men’s defense. She said they treated her well, but disrespected others because “they knew who to play with.” An argument ensued between her and Koshiea. Tommy interjected but not before Koshiea threatened to slap that “bitch in her motherf*cking mouth.” Whoa! 

We also learn that Alexis had been sharing some of the ladies’ private conversations with the men. Alexis is definitely not a girls’ girl.

Will learns that he is on the chopping block this week but he ultimately kept his spot. Instead of being grateful—and perhaps working on his abysmal behavior, he declares “war” on the ladies who voted against him. He wants to go to war—with women. Doesn’t sound like William is ready to love .

The first four episodes have been a disaster for the most part, but the breath of fresh air comes with Vanessa, 35 and Chaz, 47. The pair seemed to have made a genuine connection. They are adorable together and we love to see it. 

Ready To Love returns to the OWN network Friday at 8 PM, EST.

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