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Season 9 of Ready To Love ended with some newfound friendships, bruised egos and a whole lot of tomfoolery. Amidst all the messy madness, four of the 20 cast members found themselves a new bae. In the two-part reunion, we caught up with the cast to look back at the tumultuous, humorous, hot mess of a season that had us cringing, but unable to look away. 


Patrice and Alonzo 

The last time we saw Patrice and Alonzo, they made the mutual decision to embark upon a new relationship. The new couple walked off into the sunset, hand-in-hand and full of hope. Three months later, the pair are sitting next to one another, yet they are noticeably several inches apart at the reunion.

When asked about the state of their relationship, Patrice says Alonzo presented her with a key to his house. One night, she dropped by her man’s crib and found him entertaining a female guest. Alonzo claimed that since his car was in the shop, he asked his “homegirl” to come take him to the grocery store. Let Alzono tell it, Patrice overreacted when she walked on two platonic friends kicking it after an evening of making groceries. What Alozno didn’t know is that Homegirl reached out to Patrice and told her the truth— their friendship came with benefits. Alonzo was clapping his homegirl’s cheeks while he was filming Ready To Love and while he was in an “exclusive” relationship with Patrice. The gilted girlfriend also says  that her former beau was sleeping with two other women while they were in a relationship. 

Alonzo admits that he smashed his homie a few months ago, but tries to flip the script by implying that Patrice is unreasonable by saying that “he can’t have female friends.” He also said that just because he slept with Homegirl recently, it doesn’t mean there is any freaky business between the two of them now. Tommy tactfully told the dreadlocked playboy that he was full of shit. Judging from the way Alonzo infamously played in Kosheia’s face in episode 3, his mental gymnastics come as no surprise. 



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“Assets” and Audacity

Next we catch up with Will, who notoriously declared “war” on the women after learning that one of them suspected him of being a homeless-adjacent man who slept on the floor of one of his investment properties. The self-proclaimed real estate developer says that he was temporarily crashing in one of his “staged-homes.” He went on to say that he had “assets” and that the women couldn’t understand his lifestyle because they were “broke.” He then told Mieka that he would never want her because she is a “baby mama with her tubes tied,” although footage shows that he repeatedly tried to push up on that fine ass mother-of-two. 

“Your body isn’t real, “ the butt-hurt manchild said to Mieka.

“Your chain isn’t real.” Mieka retorted before accusing him of being a scammer. 

Will then issued a half- assed apology for shaming Mieka for having children. Sis responded with an eye-roll. Insulting a woman for becoming a mother is wild, especially since he too has a mother—just saying. 


Alexis vs. Everybody

Alexis’ reflected on her time on the show at the reunion. When asked why other castmates called her a snake, she turns to Laron and accuses him of being the “real snake” of the group. The two begin firing insults back and forth. Alexis calls him a “nerd” and Leron accuses her of wearing a cubic zirconia necklace. When other castmates step in to try to diffuse the childish banter, Alexis brings out her big guns. 

“Bitch, I will beat you up.” Alexis says to Mieka repeatedly. 

Then Miss Mama passes out a three “f-ck yous” to other castmates before storming off stage.When the security guard intervenes, he catches a few stray f-bombs too. When asked if she wants to do a one- one- interview, she gives the camera a middle finger before walking out the door. Welp, it appears that Alexis comes from the school of : Everybody can get it.


Fragile egos and bitchmade moves

At the reunion, Vanessa sits down next to her former love-interest Chaz to discuss how their once blossoming romance ended with a dead flower —literally. 

Vanessa feels that Chaz giving her a dead flower was a mean-spirited attempt to hurt her, but it didn’t land like he thought it would. Many of the castmates echoed her sentimentsChaz tried to insult Vanessa’s and our intelligence by claiming that the dead flower was an “artistic” and “poetic” gesture that went over Vanessa’s head. 

He then claimed that he had all of this smoke for his potential- bae- turned -enemy because she doesn’t have an infinity for dogs. According to Chaz, Vanessa told him that she could never like his dog. In his opinion, it was the same as  him saying he could never like her children. This is a stretch, but whatever. 

“I found love and a date has been set,” Chaz blurted out. 


Let Chaz tell it, in the three months since filming the show he found his future wife, proposed and set a wedding date.  When the other castmates questioned the timing of this abrupt engagement, Chaz explained that he met his soon-to- be-wife prior to coming on the show. According to him, his overly-understanding fiance´ encouraged him to come on the show to “figure out” what he wanted. After his experience with dating 10 different women on the show, he decided she was the one.  

This alleged engagement appears to be either some made-up bullshit  to get under Vanessa’s skin. Or the pup-lover may have appeared on this show with an ulterior motive—either way, it’s bullshit. If there really is a fiance’, good luck to that woman.

Ready To Love

There is a silver lining in this disastrous cloud, Mieka and Justin are still going strong. Meika has  introduced her guy to her children and she has developed a great relationship with Justin’s beloved pooch. Speaking of children, Justin says that although he aspired to be a father, having children is not high on his priority list.Justin said that Mieka checks off most of his boxes,so he is willing to forgo traditional fatherhood for the love of his life. We love to see it. Congratulations to the beautiful couple, we wish them many years of happiness. Shout out to the stepdaddies. 

Well it’s a wrap, Aunties. We will see you in season 10.

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