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Things are getting real spicy on The Never Ever Mets. As the couples delve deeper into their relationships, some of them realize they are not as compatible as thought. Gregg opens up to Millie, Nephew Aaron plans a special date for Jody and all hell breaks out when Dymond reveals a shocking secret. Let’s unpack.


Millie and Gregg

Gregg and Millie continue their counseling session. Gregg admits that just like Millie, he was molested as a child. He too blamed himself for what happened to him. We hope that Millie and Gregg understand that they are not responsible for being violated by an adult predator. Individual therapy would benefit both of them. While trauma bonding is unhealthy, it is possible the couple can understand and support one another as they heal individually. We wish them well. 


The Newly Met Game 

Later, Ta’Rhonda gathers the group together for a game. Similar to The Newlywed Game, the couples answer questions about the partners. The couples with the most matching answers wins the game. Josh and Shay are in the lead—as they should be since they have been dating online for twelve damn years. But they do get one question wrong. When asked about the biggest obstacle in their relationship, Josh says it’s communication. Shay’s answer: The baby. 

Did Josh forget that he had a whole damn baby while he was with Shay?  Sir, we are not going to gloss over that. 

Uncle Aaron and Dymond both said their biggest obstacle was when Unc proposed to another woman while dating Dymond. Ta’Rhonda asked him to elaborate. 

“ I don’t want to talk about it, “ he said. 

But he did want to talk about Nephew Aaron and Jody, who despite their lack of chemistry, did surprisingly well in this game. When asked about their favorite sex position, both Nephew Aaron and Jody said 69. But it doesn’t look like Aarons’ six will be meeting Jody’s nine anytime soon. 

Gregg and Millie are failing miserably, especially for a couple who has been dating for three years. Gregg incorrectly answered most questions about Millie—including her birthday. Gregg was visibly disappointed in himself.

“It’s gonna be a cold night for your boy,” he said. 

He is correct. Millie said she is unable to get intimate with a man who doesn’t seem to know the basic things about her. Get it together, sir.

Chris’ and his creepy homeboy

Chris’ friend Benz comes by for a visit. He asked Chris for all the tea about “shorty.”

“The chemistry is crazy,” the Safaree doppelganger said. 

Benz was surprised to hear that Chris hadn’t had sex with Sandia yet. Chris, the self proclaimed player, said he was trying to connect with Sandia. Benz scoffed. 

“Here you go with that connection bullshit.” 

Meanwhile, Sandia is in another room singing Chris’ praises to her friend Stephanie. According to Sandia, Chris is amazing and many of the other women in the house thought he was an asshole but they now like him. When did this happen?

Sandia and Stephanie join the men. Stephanie asked Chris if he was ready for love, which caused Benz to burst into obnoxious laughter. 

“So you’re expecting a monogamous relationship,” the misogynist asked.

When Sandia said yes, he told her that it was “stupid.” Chris tried to defend himself by saying that he is not like that.

“That’s your downfall,” Benz replied. 

He then went on to tell the women that it was stupid to wait to have sex. 

“If the sex is bad, he’s not staying, “ Benz said about Chris.  

Benz sounds a lot like Chris in episode 1, but now brother-man is singing a different tune. Let Chris tell it, he’s a relationship person and he thinks nothing like Benz. Sir, there is video evidence to the contrary. If Chris has truly done a 180 in this short time, we love to see it. But Sandia should pay close attention to Chris and his boy, because birds of a feather flock together.


The Photoshoot 

To make up for their disastrous first date, Nephew Aaron plans a special date for Jody. Since they both are into cosplay, he plans a dress-up session and photoshoot for the two of them. Jody squeals with delight when she sees the array of costumes for the first time she seems to be receptive to Nephew Aaron. Sis is wearing sexy red lingerie with those cheeks on fully display. Aaron is shirtless and showing off his impressive abs. The steamy photoshoot appeared to be the elixir to fix the couple’s broken relationship. The photographer directs the pair to move in closer  and they lock lips. 

Aaron says the kiss was magical. Producers asked Jody how she felt about the kiss. 

“I didn’t feel anything.” 


Jody told her guy how much she enjoyed the day, but when they returned home, she was back to her stoic  self. Chris observes the couple and when Jody leaves the room, he speaks up. 

“I don’t like the way you’re being treated, “ Chris said to Nephew Aaron.

Aaron admits he also picked up on Jody’s iciness and he has come to the conclusion that Jody isn’t checking for him. Finally! 

Jody also admits that she isn’t attracted to the handsome guy. She finally stopped playing in our faces. We hope she tells him soon, so that he can meet someone who will appreciate him because they should have never met.

Somebody’s Lying 

Dymond approaches Shay and tells her she has some news. Dymond reveals that she keeps in contact with Alexis, who left the show in episode two. According to Dymond, Alexis told her that Shay’s man, Josh, tried to have sex with her. Wait what? According to Shay, the three of them were up late talking and they joked about having a threesome.  Shay said she fell asleep, and she doesn’t know what happened after that. Behind the scenes footage shows the three of them talking and then Josh and Alexis leaving the room, where they remained out of the sight of the cameras.  

According to Josh, Alexis came on to him and he never told her but because he didn’t want to get upset. We will continue with this conversation in the next episode but as of now, Josh gets the side-eye. This is messy. 

The Never Ever Mets airs Fridays at 8pm Est on OWN.


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