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In episode 6 of The Never Ever Mets, the couples are getting to know one another and in some cases it’s not a good thing. Millie and Gregg sit down with a counselor, Nephew Aaron receives a visit from his dad and folks are still minding the business that doesn’t belong to them. Let’s talk about it how some of   The Never Ever Mets should have never ever met.

Family Feud

The episode starts with a continuation of the knock-down-drag out argument between Dymond’s sister, Irene and Uncle Aaron. 

“Fuck you bitch,” Aaron says as he walks toward Irene. 

Security quickly steps in to intervene. Uncle Aaron and his homeboy Ronald go outside to discuss the incident. The men agree Irene is jealous of Dymond and this is why she dislikes Aaron. Did Uncle Aaron forget he betrayed Dymond? She gave him a second chance but family and friends aren’t always quick to forgive.

Meanwhile, Dymond and Irene discuss the debacle. Irene believes that if Aaron would go toe- to-toe with her, he would do the same with Dymond. 

“What do you think he would do to you if he got mad at you,” she asked. 

 Dymond was silent. She went outside to confront her man. 

“You were going to jump on my sister?” 

Aaron said that he would never hit a woman or a man. He apologized for his behavior and said that he “feels bad” for the way he reacted. She accepted his apology, but sis is looking at him differently now. Only time will tell if their relationship will survive this and if they should have never ever met.

Millie Stands On Bitch-ness. 

Tensions are flaring between Millie and Chris after their recent argument. They sit down to try and hash out their differences. He asks his adversary why she called him a bitch. Millie said he asked her a question but cut her off when she tried to speak, and that was “bitch-like behavior.”  Chris got up from the table and walked away.

“Look at you walking away like a little bitch,” she taunted. Perhaps they should have never ever met.

As he went up the stairs, she told him that he would never be able to get a woman like her because he liked “weak bitches” who allowed him to walk over them. Whoa, now why did Sandia catch those strays? 

Chris called her a slut and then rattled off some lame insults about her bank account before stepping outside to cool off. The self-absorbed Safaree look-a-like tells the fellas that Millie is so angry with him because she must find him attractive. Sir, please. 

Later, Sandia talks to Millie about the argument. Sandia puts a little bass in her voice when she tells Millie that speaking to Chris like this is unacceptable. It’s ironic that Millie’s confrontation with Chris was because she was standing up for Sandia—this is why Millie should mind her business. 


Millie and Gregg

Gregg talks to Millie about her arguments with Chris. Millie says that because she has been harmed by men in her past, she doesn’t feel safe around men like Chris. She says her behavior is a defense mechanism to protect herself. Gregg is receptive and tells her he is there to protect her. 

“I don’t need a man to protect me,”  she responds.

Later the couple sits down with a counselor to discuss their relationship. They talk about Millie’s “defense mechanisms.” Millie explains that she was sexually assaulted in her past and she blames herself for what happened to her. Gregg said he too experienced some childhood trauma. Millie saw this as him trying to make it all about himself. It seemed Gregg was trying to show her that he can relate. Although Millie and Gregg are an adorable couple, they should probably put this relationship on ice and seek some individual therapy. 

Daddy Saves The Day 

Nephew Aaron’s dad, Matthew, stops by for a visit, pops wants to hear all about his son’s new bae JoAnna aka Jody. The younger man tells his father that Jody is a sexologist, which intimidates him. Nephew Aaron is afraid he may not be able to meet Jody’s freaky expectations. Dad tells him not to worry. He encourages his offspring to communicate with Jody. He is confident that the sexologist will be open about what she likes. In walks Uncle Aaron. He tells Matthew that he looks at Nephew Aaron “like a son.”

“As fathers we see things that our kids don’t see.” 

Matthew is quiet but his body language is loud. Apparently, Uncle Aaron didn’t pick up on the social cue.

Unc continues. 

“She’s supposed to be a sexologist, yet those are the only two in the house that’s really not together.”

Unc offers an unsolicited prediction about the fate of Jody and Nephew Aaron’s relationship.  


When Daddy Matt meets Jody, she tells him that she likes Aaron, but they don’t have to be affectionate to prove they like one another. Okay girl. 

Daddy Matt advocates for his son. He tells the younger woman that Aaron is trying, so she should at least meet him halfway. 

“I heard you’re a salsa dancer,” Daddy Matt says to Jody.

Pops shows off his fancy footwork and Jody lights up like a christmas tree as he twirls and dips her around the room. 

“I needed that,” she squealed while giving Daddy Matt a hug. She’s animated and smiling with all of her teeth —just like when she is when she’s with Chris.

Is Daddy Matt single? We’re asking for a friend. 

An Intervention 

Since two couples have left the house, the others have more room to spread out. With the exception of Jody and Nephew Aaron, the couples are now sharing beds. Chris said that although he and Sandia sleep in the same bed, their intimacy is limited because Nephew Aaron’s bed is a few feet away. His girlfriend Jody has a room to herself. 

The fellas tell Nephew Aaron that not only is he cockblocking, but he should be taking more initiative to get closer to Jody. They encourage him to move into her room—without her permission. The men help Nephew infiltrate her space by moving his twin bed into her room. Jody doesn’t protest when she notices the intrusion. In the middle of the night, Aaron moves his bed next hers, turning their twin beds into one. He later tries to wake her up with a forehead kiss and sis flipped all the way out. She said that because she had been sexually assaulted in the past, she doesn’t like to be touched in her sleep.  She also said she felt violated that he moved the beds together without her consent.


Nephew Aaron apologized and said that he felt pressured by the other men to make a move on her. She accepted his apology and confronted the other men. She explained that Aaron’s actions triggered her previous sexual trauma. The men apologized. Chris was especially remorseful and empathic to Jody —although he had no apologies or empathy for Sandia.

The Never Ever Mets airs Fridays at 8pm est on OWN and MAX.

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