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Whew chile, episode 5 of The Never Ever Mets was a catastrophic shit storm. Uncle Aaron proves his love for Dymond in the most toxic way. Chris and Sandia get help to try to save their relationship. Tempers flare when Millie and Dymond stand up for their castmate, and Nephew Aaron reevaluates his relationship. There’s a lot to unpack, lets go.


Brendan and Sienna

Since Brendan called it quits with Sienna, Ta’Rhonda tells them they must pack their things and go. Brendan said although things didn’t work out between him and Sienna, he is open to online dating again. Sienna said she is done with the dating apps. But if she ever decides to do it again, she will not wait for 10 months to meet in person. We hope that sis sits down with a therapist before she downloads another dating app. Give it some time and things will go back to a time before never ever met. Good luck to both of them.


I’m Gon Stick Beside Her 

Dymond is seething from her argument with JoAnna aka Jody. But she is really salty with her castmates, who had a whole lot to say about Jody behind her back but said nothing to her face. Uncle Aaron notices his lady is being standoffish so he goes to check on her. Uncle Aaron tells her that she shouldn’t be concerned about them because she is there to be with him.

 “But are you here for me,“ she asks. 

She reminds Uncle Aaron that he didn’t support her when she confronted Joanna either. When Dymond called him fake, Uncle Aaron set out to prove her wrong.  He immediately walked into the kitchen. 

“Excuse me everyone,” he said to the crowd. 

After getting everyone’s attention, he addressed Joanna.

 “I never liked you“ he said.  

Well damn Unc. He then told her everyone in the house has been talking about her inappropriate interactions with Chris. Dymond co-signs and a shouting match ensues. Dymond tells JoAnna that Sandia doesn’t like how she’s been pushing up on Chris. Sandia remains silent. 

Uncle Aaron tells nephew Aaron that he and JoAnna have “no connection” and he deserves better.  

Unc’s observations are spot on, but he and Dymond should mind their own business and let the nieces and nephews  tend to their own relationship drama. 

Just as the melee started to dye down, Chris chimed in. 

“Since people are saying that everyone said something bad about Jody, He said, “I just want to say, I haven’t.” 

He then goes on to say that JoAnna aka Jody is one of his “favorite people in the house.” 

His statement caused Millie to erupt. She told Chris and JoAnna that they always have nice things to say about one another but they never say good things about their partners. She told Chris that he should be focused on Sandia and not JoAnna. Once again, Sandia was silent while others advocated for her. Hostility is clearly brewing on The Never Ever Mets. 

Chris and Sandia 

Chris sits down with Sandia to talk about the melee that happened earlier. Sandia said that she was confused as to why everyone was fighting. Ummm, because people were coming to your defense, sis.  This would have been the perfect opportunity for babygirl to stand up for herself  but she didn’t.  Once again, this is why everyone else should mind their business.

The couple then meet with relationship expert ,Dr. Romani. Sandia says she thinks Chris is too “friendly” sometimes but she doesn’t directly address his friendship with JoAnna. Chris says that Sandia is trying to control him and she expresses herself in a “highly emotional way” which makes him feel “attacked.” Dr. Romani tells Chris that he has to have empathy for Sandia’s feelings. Surprisingly, the brother was receptive, he promised to consider her feelings more and Sandia promised to be patient with her guy. The two seal the deal with a high five and a kiss. 

A Freaky Field Trip

Ta’ Rhonda gathers the gang for a field trip. To help the couples establish more intimacy, she takes them to a Shibari class. While tied up and blindfolded, the cyber-lovers allow their partner to touch them intimately using a feather. The activity appears to be effective because when the  class is over, the couples can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. Except for JoAnna and Nephew Aaron. 


JoAnna said that because of past sexual trauma she is “slow on trust”  and she needs to feel  comfortable with men before allowing any type of intimacy. Earlier, the Certified Sexologist said that she normally leans into activities like this because it helps in her professional and personal life. She participates in the activity, but she quickly disconnects with  Nephew Aaron  when it’s over. He takes notice—he said that he doesn’t think he “makes her lady parts tingle.”  Bingo!

What  In The High School is Going On Here?

Uncle Aaron’s friend, Ronald stops by the villa to check on his boy. Uncle Aaron tells his bestie that he plans to ask Dymond for her hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Dymond is in another room conversing with her sister Irene, who makes it very clear she does not approve of her sister’s man. 

While he was in a relationship with Dymond, Aaron proposed to another woman. Although Dymond was both blindsided and devastated by his betrayal, she gave Uncle Aaron another chance. But Sister Irene thinks that Aaron only came back to Dymond because the other woman rejected his proposal. She thinks her sister is too amazing  to be anybody’s sloppy seconds.  Irene and Uncle Aaron got into a social media spat after she left a snide comment on one of his posts. The online beef carries over into real life when Uncle Aaron and Ronald walk into the room and overhear  the sisters’ conversation. He first introduced Dymond to Ronald, and then turned to Irene. 

“What’s the attitude for?” 

The soon-to-be inlaws exchange snarky comments before erupting into a full blown shouting match.  Neither of them took Michelle Obama’s advice because they both went low. Uncle Aaron tells Irene that she’s “uglier than muthafucka.” 

“And you look like a frog,”she quips back. 

They continue to hurl childish insults at one another and Irene even tells Uncle Aaron to indulge in her diarrhea. Dymond tries to separate the two bratty kids while the other castmates move closer to the room to sip this juicy tea. 

“Your mammy, your pappy and your raggedy ass children too,” Irene says  to Aaron. 

Welp. It’s safe to say that it is highly unlikely that Irene will be the maid-of- honor at the wedding.  Whew, maybe they probably should’ve never ever met.

The Never Ever Mets airs Fridays at 8pm EST on OWN and MAX.

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