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Anita Baker canceled her pre-Mother’s Day concert at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena just 6 minutes before the show was supposed to start, leaving concertgoers and fans pissed off.

According to State Farm Arena’s website, “An Evening With Anita Baker” was scheduled to kickoff at 7PM. However, “Due to late, unforeseen circumstances,” the performance was canceled. No reason was provided for why the event was Kabashed but the statement on the site mentioned that refunds would be given. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the announcement for the cancellation was shared by the venue and Live Nation at 6:54PM, well after ticket holders began to arrive. 

Some folks have had enough of Baker’s behavior. It ain’t all “Sweet Love” and to put it nicely, folks are definitely not caught up in the rapture of Ms. Baker. Aunties in the A are pissed. One woman had a few choice words on Anita no-show and took to TikTok to air out the eight-time Grammy Award-winning songstress. 

“I’m pissed,” the woman said. “Anita’s bald headed ass done canceled the concert.”

The rant continued: “I been waiting for her since January. And her bald-headed ass canceled the concert. Look at us. We all standing out here ready—ready, waiting and her bald-headed ass canceled the concert last-minute. Pissed—pissed Anita!”

This isn’t the first time fans have been disenchanted with Baker’s actions. As AUNTIE previously reported, Baker went off on several concert attendees back in December 2023 on her Houston tour stop. Baker called for security to exit the fans from her show.

“Security, help them out.” The “Sweet Love” singer continued: “And I mean out … of my front row.”

In another surfaced clip, Baker is seen telling a concertgoer to “Turn off your camera, baby,” as camera flashes we’re going off around her.

“I don’t know who you are,” Baker sang. “Move back.”

Several social media users commented in her defense regarding the camera flash:

“Yall slow if y’all think she is being rude because someone flash was in her face,” @moniques14 typed. “Yall finna act like sis is not elderly going from city to city with Covid and every new virus out. I’m with sis Anita move the hell back.”

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