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There’s no shortage of bundle brands out there. A simple Google search can turn up hundreds of hair extension companies across the country and around the globe. Choosing among the best hair texture and quality can be a shot in the dark. With so much to choose from, it’s a gamble to get the best hair for you. And needless to say, all brands ain’t created equal. It can be as laborious as it is expensive to land a batch of hair that is consistent and does what you need it to do. AUNTIE. assumed the expense and trial and error to share with you a few bundle brands that are definitely worth the hype. We explored the cost, quality and customer service of these five Black-owned bundle brands and to give them the AUNTIE. seal of approval. 


1) Yummy Extensions

Yummy Extensions have the aunties in a chokehold. This luxe hair is available in luxe lengths with some collections, like the Raw Cambodian, dropping down a stunning 40 inches. Currently, AUNTIE. is gagging off Yummy’s Virgin Hair Soft Kinks. It’s actually the 4A/4B texture that put the brand “on the map,” the website raved. This collection is most in-demand, but we’re not surprised because it’s incredibly fabulous and natural looking as fuck. It is aptly priced at $180 for a 14-16 inch bundle and goes up to $320 for the 28 inch jawn.

2) CurlsQueen


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CurlsQueen is an up and coming brand popular among the curly-hair wearers. The brand carries an body of insanely curly patterns ranging from Black Water Curly to Black Afro Curly Kinky. The wow factor is that CurlsQueen doesn’t skimp on the human hair density. The bundles is full as fuck with 150 Grams/5.3 ounces per bundle. Two bundles are more than enough for a “full glam look,” the website affirmed. Wildly popular is CurlsQueen Natural Black Water Jerry texture. It’s quite lavish and robust enough to make versatile sew-ins appear most natural-looking. Aunties can cop these tresses at $169 for 12 inches on up to $309 for 26 inches. AUNTIE found 16 inches to be a most reasonable and manageable length at a cost of $189 per bundle.

Mercy Hair Extensions 

Mercy Hair has been killing the game for over a decade now. The brand is notable for its sustainable wefts that can be reused a number of times, according to how well the hair is maintained. Mercy boasts some of the best Afro Kinky Curly hair on the market. The company’s Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly selection is lush. AUNTIE. prefers the 3B/3C for a light, loose, bouncy bohemian aesthetic. If you’re an auntie who loves Afros and big hair in general this hair is for you. These natural ringlets explode with volume when teased or combed through. Hair length ranges from 12-26 inches priced from $141 up $215 for the longest bundle. 




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Mayvenn hair is as traditional—and as AUNTIE.—as it gets. This hair brand is consistent, credible and the customer service is top notch—and to top it off, the hair is affordable. The company offers a $40 discount to those who join its email list. Mayvenn stays with a promo, going easy on the hardworking aunties’ pockets. One of the better deals are the  buy one-get one discounts on wig units. The diversity of human hair on the website gives beauty supply vibes and we love that for us. The shopping process is easy, accessible and familiar—and the brand stocks colored hair which is rare. The aunties who are covering up the gray hairs were quite pleased to see some #4, #27, #613 and “vibrant burgundy.” We are Stans for Mayvenn’s classic Deep Wave texture. It’s tried and true and retails under $100 for 10 to 28-inch lengths. 


Hair Fetish 

Hair Fetish is a modest hair company that has some luxury gems but also caters to the aunties with modest pockets and we ain’t mad at that at all. The brand carries 50 and 60-inch options at around $500-$800 per bundle for aunties with big budgets— and runs incredible bundle deals on the first and the 15th of every month. Aunties can cop up to 26 inches of Brazilian bundles in a plethora of textures including Jerry Curl, Straight, Loose Curl, Kinky Curl, Kinky Straight, Deep Wavy, Body Wavy and Naturally Wavy for just $70 per bundle. AUNTIE’s personal favorite is the Kinky Straight which is hella voluminous. Ain’t no half-steppin’ on hair color either. Hues range from natural virgin to platinum blonde. We’re essentially digging the chestnut and medium reddish brown. 


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